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About Us

What is HvZ?

Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) is a 24/7 moderated game of Nerf tag enacted across the entire RIT school campus that is played at universities all over the country. Each semester, we run a themed weeklong game of HvZ from Sunday to Friday night, where humans try to survive as long as possible before being tagged and joining the zombies. We also run single-day weekend invitational games, where we invite other schools to come and play with our club.

Humans may defend themselves with foam dart blasters, stunning the zombies for a short time to remove them from play. Each night of the weeklong, we run a 2-hour mission which could be any kind of team-based activity from capture the flag to an item collect-a-thon all over campus. Side missions and events also occur throughout the whole week, and are a great way to earn bonuses you can use later that night!

Signing Up to Play

To play, join the discord server to find out when the next registration session is for the upcoming game, and to learn more about the rules of the game in detail, visit the rules page to read up or watch our rules video. Note that in order to play you must attend a registration session in full, and you need to attend a new registration session each semester you play.

Contacting the Admins

If there is an injury or some other medical emergency, please directly contact emergency services or the RIT Ambulance for help. Time is crucial, and waiting for an admin to intervene costs precious time. 

If you have witnessed a negative incident related to HvZ, please report it to us via our report page. We take incidents very seriously, and do not tolerate dangerous behavior or harassment of any kind. 

For less time sensitive matters, join our discord and ask away, we don't bite c:

I Found a Bug! What do I do?

You found a WHAT!? If you find a bug, please let the Web Chair or anyone else on the admin team know as soon as possible. If you report a bug to us and don't use it to break anything we may even give you a snazzy bug-bounty badge as a reward.


This website was created by Chance Henderson and Jake Zaia. The source code is available on github under the MIT license.

Some icons used for badges are provided by Flaticon: Software development icons created by Freepik - Flaticon


This website and the games run with it are dedicated to the memory of Liam Mattingly, our late club president and friend. Liam loved sharing his passion for this hobby with the world, and worked to make the Humans Versus Zombies hobby as accessible and welcoming a place as possible. We hope to continue that legacy.